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The village for the workers at the "Grandas de Salime Dam" in Asturias, Spain, was abandoned some twenty years ago or so.  The ...

Here is a story to be told; an abandoned village by a dam in Asturias, Spain

The village for the workers at the "Grandas de Salime Dam" in Asturias, Spain, was abandoned some twenty years ago or so. 

The village was built for the construction workers and after the inauguration of the dam in 1954, the village was inhabited by the maintenance workers. 

Since the village was constructed (in the forties) on a steep hillside, stairs was built to facilitate access to the various three and four story buildings.

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A kitchen. Old style with wood stove.

Yeah, I know. Very typical photo, but look at the algae growing on the wall, giving it a nice green tint.

Compared with the kitchen, the bathroom must have been quite modern

Stairs connects all the buildings. No roads.

A eucalyptus tree growing out of a window

Nature takes over in Grandas de Salime village

Two eyes looking out over the dam. I love the color variations in this photo but the composition could have been better...

Temple of the doomed? No the village church.

The roof has toally disappeared from the village church. My guess is the tiles have been used of other building projects.

The buildings were constructed on steep hillside overlooking the dam where the inhabitants worked. 

A stair, now rarely used.

More stairs. The place is a bit like a maze.

It is treacherous to walk here, the leaves has turned the stairs into slopes.

Nature takes over

The living-room with a nice fireplace. The roof has caved in and the slates are now decorating the floor.  

Nature takes over

Telephone communication central I believe.

Stairs leading up to the lowermost building 

Roof caved in

Village church

Village church in Grandas de Salime

Interior of village church

Detail of village church

Winding stairs leads up to the higher levels of the village

The steep hillside must have made construction difficult

The stairs makes the place a real maze. I would have loved to play hide and seek here. Or just chase each-other up and down the village

The dam, the reason for the village to exist.